Pregnancy / Twisha Makwana's mom, Sweety, speaks.

A  mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.

uring the second trimester of pregnancy I was referred to do have an ultrasound of growing baby inside me. I was very happy that I would have chance to see my baby for the first time! But, unfortunately I got news that made me unhappy. Doctor told me that he couldn’t see baby’s stomach in ultrasound. He suspected my baby might have some defect related to swallowing. He advised me the repeated ultrasound. I looked forward positively with hope of my baby being normal. Repeated ultrasound showed the same result, “no shadow of stomach bubble”.

I was seen by a good Gynecologist and Pediatric Surgeon in Australia and I decided to continue with the pregnancy. I had very positive hope of my baby being a normal as she was moving and kicking a lot inside the womb and her growth was as normal as other fetus. But during 32nd week, problems occurred. Too much Amniotic fluid started gathering inside the womb as my baby was not able to swallow it. Now I felt like there is really something wrong with my baby. But having faith in God I kept thinking positively. Even I believed in latest Medical Science & Technology. I had got really good treatment by one of the best Doctor in Australia during my pregnancy. My pregnancy was complicated by gestational diabetes and polyhydramnios and it was hard to reach full term pregnancy. But Thanks to Dr. Neil Paul Athayde and his team in Westmead Women’s Hospital Sydney. I delivered Twisha full term on 28th January, 2011.

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